Met Him In Person…

The map on the console still had a long red line to our destination. I awoke for the 5th time to enjoy some of the food being served. I think I’m now forever loyal to international travel, I thought. Domestic airlines in the U.S. suck. I did not want the flight to end because of it’s amenities, but I was finally on my way to see my dark chocolate African prince. He’d shared that his family was in the lineage of Kings, but they stepped down because there was only 1 king and his name was Jesus. That was stupid, I thought. Certainly Jesus would understand and not think that you are competing, right? The family decided to chase riches in heaven and not on earth so now they prayed a lot instead of counting gold and land like the other Kings in the area.


I had only been chatting online with Emmanuel for a few months. I had already made it up in my head that if I went and no one was there I was still going to set out to enjoy the sites of Ghana. If I felt uncomfortable when I met him, I would also still enjoy the sites of Ghana. Either way, I had 15 days to enjoy this country and it was going to happen with or without a love interest from Facebook.

I settled in to watch another movie and wait for dinner to be served. I wish I enjoyed alcoholic beverages. I could recline and take a few sips. I chose apple juice instead and placed my earbuds in my ears to enjoy the movie. By morning I would be at my destination!

The soft ding from the bell of the airplane aroused me from my sleep. It seems it was the sound for my heart to begin racing quicker – like the signal for the beginning of  a race. I was nervous, not certain what to expect, but here I went. A smooth landing and a few fumbling hands on my passport and I was standing outside of Kotoka International Airport thinking it was a dream because it was so DAMN hot. Like, this hot was as if someone were angry and they didn’t really want to be bothered with you so they made it hot so you can go somewhere else. I went back inside the airport to check to be sure it wasn’t just me. It wasn’t.

My eyes combed the crowd looking for his familiar face. Finally they rested on the handsome guy I’d seen in the photos on Facebook. He was real! We hugged and fussed, then boarded a taxi and set off to get to know the person we’d been typing to on the internet.

The book, Wanted: Green Card, shares an experimental presentation – nothing on this blog will appear in the book. The book is full of the spiciness that is called “love gone wrong”.