What Is This Shit?

This is a blog is an experimental presentation of memories and reflections of being in a relationship with a sociopathic person who was looking for a green card to the USA. Here Latoya reflects on marrying a person who was incapable of being a husband and a father and simply was not prepared to enter in to a marriage. Bringing to light a new merging victim class of women who fall in love only to learn that they are being used for money and a faster track of a visa or green card to their country.

This blog presents one story while the book, Wanted: Green Card presents another story that jumps right in to the quick words of online confessions of love, marriage, abandonment, and divorce.

The blog and the book are meant to work and be read togther, so follow along and order the book, Wanted: Green Card.



One thought on “What Is This Shit?

  1. Don says:

    As a regular visitor to west Africa I can certainly relate to this and it represents my own thoughts and observations, although as a toubab, I would be accused of racism if I had wrote this!! Well done and hope to hear more of your thoughts and experiences….


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