So Romantic

When Emmanuel and I were in the honeymoon stages of our relationship and relaxing in the house watching movies we watched a movie called “The Odyssey”. He said it reminded him of us and our relationship and how we would be. I was touched and thinking how romantic. You know how we get: romantic thoughts on how he is thinking of us and how romantic it is that he’s being romantic.

We settled in to watch the movie. It was one I had not seen before, but the plot was very familiar. I couldn’t recollect all of my literature classes, but this was Odysseus from the Greek tales, at least I could remember that.

In the movie, Odysseus bec0mes lost at sea. Ok, that’s cool…lost man in the sea, that could happen in his profession… He comes across numerous islands – all of which have beautiful women and he ends up being seduced or enchanted to sleep with all of them…on each island. Da hell! This is what reminds you of you and I?!

So, Penelope, his wife stays faithful to him during his long time away – which I believe amounts to over 15 years. She believes her man is coming back and waits in the kingdom raising their son. Other suitors come  and ask for her hand in marriage, but she puts them off feeling that her husband will come back to her. The men then begin to force her to marry someone and set up camp in the kingdom to wait – they demand that she marry because she is a queen and must have a king to rule the kingdom. She weaves a tapestry and tells them that as soon as she is done with it she will announce who she will marry. The men don’t know that she is undoing the tapestry each night in order to never complete it.

Meanwhile, while Odysseus is lost at sea he is getting his groove on with the beautiful ladies. Calypso, one of the women who seduces him while on his voyage, had him with her for 7 years! He claims he is looking for his way back to his wife…but first a lil booty action. I do not recall how long he with the other woman on her island. Eventually he makes it back to his wife and poses as an old man. He includes his son in on the set up and kills all the suitors of whom were trying to force his wife to marry.

In one scene I thought that perhaps Penelope went in to the water so that she could get some sexual stimulation from the sea – hell, she’d been celibate for a long time and why not?

Yeah, not so romantic for the woman whom had to wait while the man was out soaring his oats on the sea. Pass!

*Latoya is the author of Wanted: Green Card. Nothing on this blog is in the book – it’s waaayy juicier, so buy it today.

If you are reading this then perhaps you have been, or are a part of a marriage where the man is really seeking a green card. Sometimes it’s all about chatting it out. Send us a note and Like the Facebook page.



4 thoughts on “So Romantic

  1. Rosemary says:

    I’m so glad to see someone else come forward. I have been too embarrassed to share what I went through. It’s hard to admit that I actually paid to help someone and now they disappear. My husband left me after receiving his green card. I have not seen him in a year. I’m glad you started this.


  2. My Sociopath says:

    You hit on a good topic, and explained it well. The “man behind the mask” will give you hints on who he really is by the movies he loves. Mine loved sexual and violent movies such as The Vikings and Game of Thorns. He was obsessed with not only the females in these moves, but the “look” of the primal, sexual male who took what they wanted and even forced sex on women. He got turned on by this. They tell you who they are, we just have to pay attention.

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    • L. Brown says:

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, people tell us who they are if only we were listening…to know the signs and not just chalk it up to a passive behavior at the moment. Let’s keep the conversations going so as to get the attention of the person whom hasn’t caught on the type of person they are dealing with.

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