Feelings Typed

I’ve been kicked out of some of the Facebook groups related to women in relationships with African men. Supposedly the groups are set up to be support groups. It seems my reality does not match where they are currently in their own relationships AND they do not want to receive such negativity in their lives. Ok, but this is not for you, this is for those who are realizing that their marriage is not to an African King and he is a bottom bitch.
I belong to 1 group now where I haven’t been kicked out…yet. The ladies share their struggles, pains, and triumphs as they go through the visa process to bring their husbands to them in their own home countries.
Below is a conversation I had with a friend of whom is in the Facebook group. She shall remain anonymous, but her husband had been cheating and she found out that one of the ladies in one of the Facebook groups was flirting with her husband. More background on her story is that she and her husband had been going through the visa process for 2 years. She could only visit her husband once a year to him in his home country in Ghana. I try to check in on her regularly and we always have good, soul searching conversations and she has allowed me to share some of our conversation here as she is in her healing process:
This real conversation is not just words on a screen, but 2 people coping and living through pain and disappointment. Stay tuned for more as Latoya Brown shares memories and reflections on being married to a man who thought he could use her to get to the USA for a green card and visa. Look out for her new book on Amazon, Wanted: Green Card, where she reveals it all. 

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